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JoDana P. Newman is an Advanced Level, I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist at M.O. Wellness Center. Her goal is to provide a nurturing environment for healing and cleansing so clients leave feeling renewed!

Her Journey: Due to an autoimmune skin condition, JoDana was introduced to a raw food life style and was encouraged by a friend to try colonics. Never hearing of this before she was apprehensive but braved the experience. To her surprise, it was nothing she had ever imagined. It was the best thing she could have done, she never felt so renewed! Her skin condition disappeared in 6 months and her energy level increased! She knew she wanted to share and provide relief to others. She had practiced extensively in a beautiful holistic health center that also offered other modalities to assist in cleansing and healing the body before establishing herself in Hawaii, where she has now been practicing for almost 5 years on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu.

Company History

M.O. Wellness Center opened its doors to the public January 15, 2011. We are a Colon Hydrotherapy, Cleansing Center, which promotes the power to heal with non-medical, all natural, holistic healing practices. Our services compliment and enhance both Traditional and Alternative medicine.

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